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Wedding Video Photo Montage

Video/Photo Montages are a uniquely personal and yet exciting way to set the mood and pace of your wedding right from the very beginning. Each video is very different and captures the spirit and personality of each individual couple.

You provide the photos, I do the rest!

Christopher & Danielle

When we went to Michael and all we knew was that we wanted to get married.  We had no clue what we wanted except we wanted something unique and "us". Michael was excellent at getting to know  our likes and interests and suddenly the ideas were flowing. When the idea of a Disney theme came up, it sounded awesome and completely reflective of us as a couple.

Christopher & DanielleWe were starting to become very excited and we were feeling a little less clueless and more confident that we might actually have a cool wedding.  After that, everything seemed so effortless.  Michael would have us in, ask a few questions, then we had some real plans in the works.  He asked us for some pictures, we were thinking we were going to have one of those typical "slide shows", but we were so wrong.  He told us he was creating something very special and we were going to see it during our reception, we were excited for the surprise. It was so awesome seeing our pictures on the big screen, but not just as some boring "side show" but very cleverly matched to the music. We were able to laugh and "awwwww" along with our guests as we all watched it for the first time together.  It was fun reliving those memories and sharing them with family. That was one of the many elements that night that made our wedding truly memorable. In January we will be celebrating five years of marriage and we have made a tradition of watching that video every year.  Plus when our new friends ask about what our wedding was like, we can actually show them! Thank you  Michael for making our special day so creative and personal we couldn't have done it without you!

Love, Christopher and Danielle Arnett


Every Video Photo Montage is unique and personal for every couple.

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