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Your Tucson DJHi, I am Michael with Tucson DJ Service, aka Weddings of Distinction. The truth is, there is no single DJ in Tucson that is a good fit for every wedding. There are however some very basic and standard concepts and skill-sets that are necessary for almost any wedding to reach its memorable and enjoyable potential.

My role as your guide is to share with you what you'll need to know in order to create a remarkable wedding and choose the best DJ to help you make it happen. I may be that DJ for you, or perhaps what you'll learn may point you in other directions. In any case, if you follow along you will learn the in's and out's for making great educated choices for your wedding and you'll be well on your way to a truly exceptional celebration.
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I have divided what you'll likely need to know into very simple and basic sections. Choose where you would like to start...

About You...

Your needs, goals and values... The About You section is perhaps the most important and yet most overlooked aspect to having a great wedding! It will be virtually impossible to choose your Tucson DJ wisely if you don't understand the roles you'll need them to fill.

About Me...

My professional experience... You may find it important to know what qualifies me to be your guide and perhaps your Tucson Wedding DJ?

My Services

Knowing what I offer will perhaps give you ideas for things you may like to include as part of your celebration.

Great Sound... How important is it anyway?

If your ultimate destination is the dance floor then you'll appreciate how great sound can benefit your celebration!

How to Shop for a DJ?

Surveys show that nearly 80% of all brides and grooms are unhappy with the entertainment they had chose for their wedding. Learn how to ensure that your wedding does not become part of that statistic.

How much should your entertainment cost you?

We all have to work within budgets. It is important that your budget allows for the things that the are most important and critical to the success of your wedding.

Survey's show that nearly 80% of all Brides & Grooms following their wedding were unhappy with the entertainment they chose.

Here is how to ensure that your wedding will not be included among those horrible statistics.

I want a FUN wedding, what steps should I take?

Great weddings don't just happen, they're created! Let's walk through some basic steps and guidelines that we'll need to follow in order it bring it all together.

You've decided that I am a good fit for your wedding... How do you get started?

My goal is to make every aspect of creating an awesome celebration both easy and fun. Please allow me to guide you though the simple steps of booking my services online and setting up your exclusive private access online wedding planning account.