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Your Reception Was Awesome

How did you do it?

Group HugAlthough I love it when my clients answer that question... "it was easy, we hired Weddings of Distinction", but the truth is it was much more than that.

Let's Paint a picture...

As your guests leave and share their final hugs and congratulations they tell you that yours was the best reception they have ever been to. On the drive home they replay the night's activities in their minds and wonder where you learned how to create such a great celebration.

They've all been to weddings in the past so they knew what to expect, or at least they thought they did! However, your wedding was anything but typical. Every aspect of your celebration was a reflection of you and your unique styles and personalities.

So, How did you do it?

Well, you came to the brilliant realization that a great celebration would require teamwork. Very much like creating a blockbuster movie, you assumed the role of producer for your wedding production, chose the perfect set to showcase your event, and then hired a director who could help you put it all together.

Three roles your production will need

The 3 Roles of your wedding entertainmentThe entertainment for your wedding can be divided into the three roles that your entertainment will need to fill in order to ensure that your celebration is a success.

# 1 - Wedding DJ

The role of your Wedding DJ is to create the music programming, make simple announcements, and get your guests on the dance floor. Anything beyond this common functionality will require the services of a Master of Ceremonies and/or Entertainment Director. Defining your expections and understanding the various roles played by your entertainment is the key to a successful wedding entertainment experience.

# 2 - Master of Ceremonies

A true Master of Ceremonies is a polished speaker who will represent you to your guests. They also will create and direct the flow for your reception.

Whether or not your guests are engaged at your wedding is really the responsibility of your Master of Ceremonies.

Personalized events and activities# 3 - Entertainment Director

Your Entertainment Director is a highly specialized wedding specific role designed to increase the connection between you and your guests by creating very unique and highly personalized events and activities that are intended to engage your guests.

If your ultimate goal is to create an experience for you and your guests that is not seen at every reception your guests have attended, then an Entertainment Director might be a good addition.

Ready... Set... Action!

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How was your wedding experience



"The dance floor was full from the first song through the last"


Jeremy & Kelly"Michael, This is long overdue, but took a few days to get back to normal and catch up on email. I just wanted to send you a million thanks for your work at the reception! When Kelly and I were on our way to meet with you the first time, we had a dollar figure in mind that was "the most we could spend".

However, after seeing your presentation, we had to rethink. We knew that the "DJ" is a key ingredient to a successful wedding reception. We discussed this as a family and agreed that you were what we were looking for, due to the fact that the wedding was on a Sunday, which is a work and school day.

Obviously, most guests would be checking their watches looking for the best time to escape as early as possible. There had to be something to keep the guests engaged, excited and on the edge of their seating waiting to see "What came next?" Well, as you know, very few left early and the dance floor was full from the first song through the last.

You provided what Kelly & Jeremy needed for a wonderful wedding reception! We have had so many people tell us that this wedding was the best wedding they had ever attended…including the couple that was supposed to be there for the longevity dance. I am sure they have seen a lot of weddings in their 49 years!

The guests really enjoyed all the personal touches. We loved your montages. The Newlywed game was such a crowd pleaser and your buffet release was a real hit! You, a true wedding entertainer, so much more than a "DJ", you were worth every penny we spent!

Thanks again!

Sharon Borer"

Jeremy and Kelly - Ft. Huachuca, Arizona

"We attribute 100% of the success of our reception to the services of Weddings of Distinction"