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Make your Grand Wedding Entrance... Truly Grand!

Your reception celebration begins here... with your arrival and introduction to your awaiting guests. Your introduction will set the pace and tone for the rest of your celebration. Here is your opportunity to show your guests that they are in for a really great time... and to stick around because the party is just getting started!

Humorous Theme (lot's of humor) . . .

It's awesome when I get the opportunity to work with a couple who will allow me to explore my creativity. It's even better when that couple has an awesome sense of humor. This Grand Entrance really kicked of the celebration in a big way and was a perfect match for their personalities!

Love Theme (a little humor) . . .

Although the story in this video is real, the photos have been added for your enjoyment. Please enjoy and allow yourself to be inspired to create a grand entrance… that is truly grand.

Renaissance Theme (what's your theme?) . . .

This video clip is live footage from a Renaissance themed wedding and includes the introductions of the Best Man and Maid of Honor as well as the Bride & Groom and shows just how much fun your guests can have with a great story... you'll also see a coordinated guest interative dance as the Bride & Groom enter the room... I had so much fun creating the stories and coodinating the Grand Entrance!