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Your First Dance

First Wedding DanceEvery bride dreams about sharing that very first dance together as husband and wife. So it is exceptionally important that we make certain thatyour first dance experience contains the magic that will live up to your dreams and expectations.

Below are a couple of exceptional examples of how to make your first dance reflect your own personal style and taste while building a lasting impression upon both you and your guests. I chose these two examples because of their opposite extremes.

VOICE OVER FIRST DANCE: This wedding dance video is courtesy of Randy Bartlett and it is romantic and personal. I enjoy adding this type of personal touch, and my reward has been watching the reactions of family and guests while creating a truly remarkable first dance experience. A little time together, a little coaching... and we'll create a first dance that is pure magic.

FUN THEME: This second wedding dance video is courtesy of friend and mentor... Peter Merry, and has a fun theme. This video speaks for itself...please enjoy!

First Wedding Dance with Voice Over

First Wedding Dance with a Twist