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DJ InsuranceOur venue will only allow insured DJ's to work at their venue. Are you insured? Absolutely... I carry a one million dollar liabilty insurance policy which protects you, the venue and me. I will gladly provide proof of insurance upon request.

Do you use professional sound equipment? Yes... to the highest degree! There are all levels of sound equipment even at the professional level. I use the very top of the line which is considered "concert quality", and in fact I have an entire page dedicated to sound that you can view here: Great Sound... How important is it anyway?

Are you involved with any professional organizations within your industry? I am a director for the Tucson Wedding Network and a member of both the National and local chapters of the American Disc Jockey Association.

DJ TruckDo you bring backup gear in case of equipment failure? Yes that is crucial! I have a large truck (shown right) that carrys backup equipment, tools, etc., but I also setup backup computers at the event so in case of crash there is no delay by having to run back to the truck.

Do you take requests during the event? I always take requests, both during and in advance... but I only play them if they are appropriate for the event I am performing at. Your guests can also visit MakeYourRequest.com where they can browse my music and make requests online.

How early do you arrive for setup before events? I typically setup for most events 4 to 5 hours before start time. I like to have all sounds checks done prior to guest arrival, some final practice and rehearsal time, and perhaps even a little time to help my clients with any last minute preparation details. This also gives me time to relax, focus and change modes from "roadie" to "performer" so I will be mentally prepared to "rock the house".

Tucson Inteactive DJWhy don't you hire other DJ's in your company? Quite simply... because I cannot mass produce or even replicate what I do as both a DJ and entertainer! Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee top quality service and performance by using part-time DJ's whose primary goal would be making a few extra bucks on the weekend, and I cannot in good conscience allow your wedding or event to be a "practice ground" for an inexperienced DJ.

What happens if something prevents you from performing at an event? Knock on wood... in my entire career I have never missed or even been late for a wedding. However, if something should happen I am fortunate to have among my friends some of Tucson's Top DJ's in which we have an agreement among us to help each other out should something prevent our performance.

We would like the DJ at our wedding to be energetic and interactive... Are you an interactive DJ? The truth is I could be the very best DJ in the entire world, and yet in my long DJ career not once has a guest ever came to the wedding in order to see me. So to answer your question... yes, I am very interactive when interaction is needed, however, I never forget that your yours guests came to see you and that you are and should be the stars of the show.

We love how videos can really enhance a party atmosphere... Do you do anything with videos? I am so glad that you asked! As a true Video Jockey this is my specialty. Not only do I have thousands of music videos, but I mix them with the same precision that I mix music. I also create very unique and personalized montages, trivia, backgrounds, etc. You can see a few samples of just a few of the things that I do with video on my Wedding Magic page. If you have an idea for something that you don't see here, or perhaps have never seen anywhere, please contact me as I love the challenge of something new.