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Your Reception Was Awesome

iPod DJIt's 2013… music is readily accessible to everyone while iPods and other technology make it easy for anyone to spin music like a professional. So why spend money on a pro wedding DJ? Let's be realistic, all that DJs really do anyway is play music... right? Well... that used to be right!


Smart Phone & YouTubeTechnologies such as smart phones have made it easier than ever to share cool experiences with the entire world. These shared experiences have changed weddings and receptions forever. Fewer and fewer of you are satisfied with average and typical. To your guests... typical and average equals boring!

Modern weddings feature entertainment that goes well beyond the "the boy next door" fake scratching with his favorite iPod app. Today’s weddings often showcase professionally guided and structured entertainment with a professional Master of Ceremonies and perhaps even an Entertainment Director.

The New Era of Wedding DJ's

Master of CeremoniesModern brides are changing the DJ industry forever, and this new trend has caused a shift in both priorities and budget. Instead of expensive elaborate dinners at over the top elegant venues, today’s couples are focused more upon having a good time and less about whether or not the venue has marble floors or crystal chandeliers

So, do you really need a pro DJ?

If your wedding day visions are of a celebration that will totally captivate your guests while creating a memorable and lasting experience for you, then the typical “man behind the curtain” spinning records will simply not be enough.

Tucson Wedding DJYour wedding will likely require a more complete entertainment experience that will go well beyond the dance floor. As a full-time professional wedding entertainer I can provide guidance as your Master of Ceremonies to help you achieve a smooth and stress-free celebration while assuming an additional role as your Entertainment Director to personalize your events and activities so that they will engage and capture the hearts and imaginations of your guests.

And who knows… Maybe your wedding will set all new standards for YouTube and Facebook watchers around the world!

If you would like to learn more please contact me (520) 586-4581 to setup your FREE no obligation consultation to learn how your wedding can be a truly remarkable event.

The Roles to Success
3 Roles You Need at Your Wedding

Wedding DJ

The role of your Wedding DJ is to create the music programming, make simple announcements, and get your guests out of their chairs and on the dance floor.. Anything beyond this basic and common functionality will require the services of a Master of Ceremonies and/or Entertainment Director. Defining your expections and understanding the various roles played by your entertainment is the key to a successful wedding entertainment experience. (See... Master of Ceremonies & Entertainment Director)

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies picks up where your Wedding DJ leaves off and assumes the role of host and guide for your reception. Your MC/Emcee is a polished speaker and performer with a high degree of experience with event coordination. Most any formal wedding environment truly needs the services of a skilled MC/Emcee. However, not every DJ is a skilled Master of Ceremonies, and not every MC/Emcee is a Disc Jockey. Unless you find someone who has both sets of skills it is recommended that you hire a DJ for the music and a Master of Ceremonies as your event host.

Entertainment Director

The Wedding Entertainment Director is a highly trained entertainer with specialized skills designed to bring the next evolution of wedding entertainment to you and your guests. Personalization of your wedding day timeline along with the addition of unique guest interactive events and activities will ensure that your wedding reception is like no other. Whereas the Master of Ceremonies role is to make certain that everything flows well, the Entertainment Director will ensure that the event flow also captures the hearts and imaginations of your guests. A short and simple definition for your Entertainment Director would be... FUN!