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Big Sound




Great Sound... The foundation for a great celebration!

"I’ve always been thrilled with the power, energy and excitement of a great rock concert, and as a DJ I want to bring to my audience that same awesome sound that will inspire everyone in its path to dance and sing out loud."

Every so often I get a call from a bride or groom who is totally aware of the value and impact that a great sound system will have on their wedding and it is important to them that their DJ share the same values.

So why should great sound be important to you?

Statistics show that what guests remember most about a wedding is the entertainment and how much fun they had... or didn't have! The sound system for your wedding is the foundation for everything fun. Every song, every announcement, and every thing your DJ/Entertainer says, does or plays will be projected through the sound system.

DJ in Tucson VanThe sound system is perhaps one of the most crucial links to creating the proper atmosphere while inspiring your guests to dance, and yet typically the most overlooked by many DJs because pro concert sound systems are not only very expensive to purchase, but they require special vehicles to transport it, special skills to operate it, and more time to setup.Speakers in Trunk

For this reason the trend among many DJs has been to go small. And although companies like Bose make great sounding sub-compact systems, these systems are much better suited for your living room than for the dance floor.

Those tiny woofers simply cannot push enough air to create that low rumble and shake that will inspire guests to dance the night away.


Dance the Night Away

Is there really a difference? Absolutely... a HUGE difference! But does that mean your guests will get blasted from their chairs? Will grandma have to strap on her wig?

Ramsa Bose Speaker Comparison

Grandma Blow AwayAbsolutely not!! In fact, it is quite the opposite. The ability to produce those very low frequencies that can be felt but not heard means that I can dial in very tightly on specific frequencies while keeping the overall volume of music down to a comfortable level.

It's just plain audio science with an end result of great sound that truly inspires guests to dance without forcing them scream over the music... just ask my past clients!

Okay... so we've got BASS! What's next?

For audiophiles, techies and geeks who would like to know the low-down of all the gear I use to create an awesome performance... click here for more details...