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Audible Memories
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Are you a family member or friend and can't make it to the wedding...
This is your opportunity to share your wishes for the Bride & Groom in a special way on their wedding day!

Audible Memories

Audible Memories is a unique part of the Weddings of Distinction service that gives you the opportunity to be a part of the wedding in a very special way. It's EASY, it's FUN, and it's absolutely FREE for all of our wedding clients.

Audible Memories can help you add a unique and special touch of your own with a personalized voice message for the Bride & Groom that can be played at the wedding reception.

If you're a friend or family member who is simply unable to attend the wedding in person, or perhaps...mom & dad who would like to share something personal with their newlyweds...this is your opportunity to share a special moment.

Simply email or call (520-586-4581) to setup a time to record your message over the phone, and then speak your personal message...it's that easy!


For the best quality message follow these few tips and suggestions.

1. Unless you are an excellent impromptu speaker, I suggest writing down on paper what you would like to say in advance.

2. Make sure that you record your message in a relatively noise free environment. Please don't do it from your cell phone while driving down the freeway with the windows down and the music blasting. The quality of a telephone recording is somewhat limited at best, so anything you can do to limit extraneous noises will improve the clarity and enhance the overall content of your message.

3. Speak clearly...when we talk to our friends and family in person, there is the added benefit of seeing those with whom we are speaking, so slurred words are more easily overlooked and understood. Speaking more slowly will generally improve the clarity and legibility of your message.