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Who is Michael McCune

Your Tucson Wedding DJ

Hi, I'm Michael with Tucson DJ Service, aka Weddings of Distinction. Very quickly you will likely discover that I take an entirely different and unique approach to helping couples create remarkable and memorable weddings. Many years of professional wedding entertainment experience has taught me that great weddings and receptions are a balanced blend of creating fun and unique and activities while avoiding awkward and stressful moments. The honest truth is that whether you'll remember your wedding as "truly magic" or "could've been better"will not be a matter of what activities take place at your wedding, but rather, how those activities made you feel.

My Professional DJ & Wedding Experience

I began my professional career as a DJ 1n 1988 hot mixing for Night Clubs and Bars in Tucson, Sierra Vista and surrounding areas. Shortly thereafter I broadened my scope to include weddings, schools and private parties.

I soon found that I absolutely loved doing weddings because they allowed for me to use my full potential creatively. My heart was really into creating weddings that were unique and truly remarkable... weddings that would leave a lasting impression.

Although I didn't mind doing other types of events I felt that brides and grooms would benefit the most from my particular skillsets, so on April 26 of 2003... I created Weddings of Distinction.

My ongoing training includes:


Big FanCurrently, I am the co-founder and a Director for the Tucson Wedding Network with nearly 300 Tucson wedding professionals within our group.

Disney Geek

Yes...it's true...I am a HUGE Disney geek who believes in fairytale weddings and happy endings. Walt Disney has long since been my entertainment idol and I have patterned many of my own styles from Walt Disney's techniques and philosophies. I believe that every wedding should contain a little touch of Disney magic. If you'll read my Stories & Testimonials I think you'll find that my clients would agree.

My experience will help your wedding days visions come to life. Email or call NOW (520) 586-4581 to discuss the details of your wedding.

The Key Roles for You Wedding

DJ (Disc Jockey)

I love working with a crowd while mixing music and videos and I've spent years learning how to use the energy contained within the music to create a unique wedding environment while building excitement within a crowd that will always lead to the dance floor.

I am extremely particular about the sound and presentation and will typically show up to an event many hours in advance in order to ensure that everything will meet my stringent expectations.

Although my personality tends to be a bit old fashioned, when it comes to weddings you'll find that I am a technology geek who creatively uses the latest gear to its full potential.

VJ (Video Jockey)

My particular specialty is using video to enhance your wedding environment by engaging guests with custom video backgrounds, photo video montages, on screen video trivia, music videos, and more (you can see samples here).

We live in a three-dimensional world where most of your wedding guests have "watched" as well as "listened". Video will bring a third dimension to your wedding and engage your guests visually as well as audibly.

Master of Ceremonies

My primary focus is to help you where you need it the most, which is ensuring a stress-free, smooth running, fun filled reception by guiding and directing all events and activities while representing you tastefully (NO cheesy here) to your guests.

You'll have your own online wedding planning account where we'll gather 100% of your wedding details, in which I will use to create your entertainment plan and wedding day timeline.

Entertainment Director

As a wedding professional I have spent that latter part of my career focusing on the latest wedding trends. For modern weddings "typical" is often no longer acceptable for many of you, which gave rise to a new type of wedding specialist... the Entertainment Director.

Typically, less than 30% of your wedding will center on dancing. As your Entertainment Director my focus is on making the other 70% equally enjoyable by personalizing your individual events and activities.