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Serving Southern Arizona (Tucson - Benson - Sierra Vista)
  • Me - When you book with Tucson DJ Service you're guaranteed to get me personally (unless my parachute doesn't open) and 100% undivided attention towards creating a truly remarkable celebration.
  • Wedding DJ - Music, entertainment & dancing.
  • Master of Ceremonies - Complete guidance & direction for your CEREMONY and/or RECEPTION.
  • Entertainment Director - Personalized events & activities including unique grand entrances, customized photo montages, video triva and much more.
  • VJ (Video Jockey) - I enjoying mixing video with the same precision as audio and you'll be amazed at the cool things video can do to enhance your celebration...This is FUN!
  • Concert Quality Audio - Absolutely spectacular crystal clear sound... close your eyes and you'll think it's live.
  • Flexible Hours - Your wedding day is my day! I will be there hours before your guests arrive and I will be the last to leave (NO extra charge).
  • Lighting - Just the right touch of computerized LED lighting to create your celebration atmosphere.
  • Payments - I accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, personal checks, silver & gold (my personal favorite).

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DJ Special Services
The Key to a Truly Remarkable Celebration
Engagement and guest interaction is the key to a remarkable celebration. Personalized events and activities will capture the hearts and imaginations of your family and friends while creating an exciting and memorable experience.
  • Love/Fun Story - Your personal story captured and shared with your family & friends with music, sound clips and video (view sample).
  • Grand Entrance - Unique introductions of your wedding party (view sample).
  • Dinner Release - Fun and interactive.
  • Video Montage - An engaging and emotionally connective alternative to typical slide shows (view sample).
  • On-screen Trivia - Your friends and family will enjoy testing their knowledge about you (sample coming soon).
  • Newlywed Game - Guests clap, cheer and laugh as I test your knowlege of one another (sample coming soon).
  • First Dance - Unique, personal and one of a kind (view sample).
  • Much More! - My special services are truly the key to an evening filled with Wedding Magic.
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On a Personal Note
Personal DJ PhotoSo… you’re looking for DJs in Tucson. Well, fortunately Tucson has many DJs with a variety of skills and experience to help you achieve your wedding day goals. As a DJ, MC and Wedding Entertainment Director in Tucson myself since 1988, I am proud to include some of Tucson’s top DJs among my closest friends. As a Director for the Tucson Wedding Network it has been my pleasure to get to know many Tucson DJs as well as the top wedding professionals in all fields.

It’s important to note that no single DJ in Tucson, or anywhere else for that matter, will be the perfect fit for every couple. In your search for the best Tucson DJs please take some time to get to know them and ask the right questions so that you can ensure that the Tucson DJ of your choice will offer the services and skills you’ll need in order to help you create a truly remarkable once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebration.

If you’ll visit my testimonials you’ll find that I was the perfect choice for my clients, however, I occasionally meet with couples whom I feel other Tucson DJs would be a better fit, so you can rest assured that my goal is the same as yours, and that is to ensure that you get the best services for your goals, needs and budget.

I welcome any and all questions in regards to creating great wedding receptions and choosing Tucson DJs for your celebration. Regardless of who you choose among Tucson DJs please consider me as a resource and feel free to use this website as a valuable tool for great ideas and suggestions towards creating the best reception ever.

Thank You & Best Wishes